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Rex Rideout
Conifer, Colorado

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CD cover. Ladies' Choice: a bouquet of courtship and affection by request. Over the years, many of my friends and family have urged me to record one favorite song or tune that they have heard me sing or play. I was listening and have placed them together in this recording. I thank you all for the inspiration. While it is based in the songs of the old West, you'll find a broad brush of styles here, ranging from the 1700s to this decade. There are two by Stephen Foster, some cowboy classics, a great cowboy song written by my friend, Joyce Woodson, even a couple I wrote myself. I thank my musical pals for joining me in this endeavor. The CD will be sent to you for $15 plus $2 shipping. Contact: timetravelmusic@outlook.com to order. You can also order, read reviews and hear sound clips through Amazon.

Book cover. Jack Thorp's Songs of the Cowboys: This beautiful book/CD tribute to Thorp and his ground-breaking work features an essay by historian and musician Mark L. Gardner, line illustrations by notable cowboy artist Ronald Kil, and the lyrics to sixteen songs and poems taken from the original 1908 edition and second edition of Thorp's Songs of the Cowboys - plus one previously unpublished Thorp composition. The CD by Gardner & Rideout, which reproduces all the songs and poems in the book, follows Thorp's recollections of how he heard and performed old-time cowboy music, a form that employed only one voice. Some the 17 songs are: Little Joe, the Wrangler, Get Along, Little Dogies, Cow Boys Lament, Chopo and Windy Bill. The book/CD will be sent to you for $25 plus $2 shipping. Contact: timetravelmusic@outlook.com to order. You can also order through Museum of New Mexico Press You can review the tracks through All Music and an extensive review of this book can be found at the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry .

CD cover. Frontier Favorites is a journey through much of the 19th century. These pieces were done in the styles of the times and have been well researched. Some of the 21 tracks are: Old Dan Tucker, De Boatman's Dance, Gen. Pike's Dixie, Barlow Knife, and yes, Capt. Jinks of the Horse Marines. The CD will be sent to you for $15 ppd. Contact: timetravelmusic@outlook.com to order. You can also order through Amazon.
  A word about the recordings, "...Gardner and Rideout soung almost too authentic...It's like you're not listening to real singers but to a couple of down-on-their-luck gunslingers..." (Dirty Linen review) That's the idea folks. Mark and I wanted to create a setting that seemed real for the above recordings, not a dazzling performance. Sure, we could dress it up and make it pretty. But the sounds from those times wouldn't be that way. We tried to make it sound like two punchers sitting around a fire. Alas, no pretty harmonies either, they didn't do that. When Tom, Don and I recorded the Pike CD below, we were not constrained in this way. We were not going for the sound of 1806. So we could make it pretty and intended it for a more general audience. This is why they are different.

CD cover. A Voyage of Such Nature: Acoustic Music in Celebration of the Pike Expedition: Rex worked with Tom Munch of Pueblo and Don Richmond of Alamosa, Colorado, to create a CD of the music popular at the time of Zebulon Pike's famed 18061807 expedition to the West.
    The tunes relate to points of interest on Pike's journey in what would later become Kansas and Colorado. "It something a bit different for me," says Rex, "With more extensive arrangements than the sparse settings Mark and I try to create. We employed an array of instruments to create some beautiful arrangements of melodies that would have been familier to Pike and his men." The CD includes a map of Pike's route and several quotes from his journal.
    You can find out more about the CD through Tom's web site; and you can visit Don's web site. The CD will be sent to you for $15 plus $2 shipping. Contact: timetravelmusic@outlook.com to order. You can also order and hear sound clips through Amazon

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