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Rex Rideout
Conifer, Colorado

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Rex ala Dickens
This is the photo I'm using to promote my Conifer Christmas show. Photo by Reggie Ruth Barrett, background changed by Jim Venis.

Deborah Milburn has made a career of seeing beauty in everything. How fortunate for all of us that she visited Bent's Old Fort during one of our Christmas events there. She captured many wonderful images. I like this one. Photo by Deborah Milburn.

At ease
Elaine and I joined our topog friends at Ft. Laramie. This is outside the soldier's barracks. Photo by Elaine Rideout.

Here is Mark and I doing our "Odd Instruments" session at the Colorado Cowboy Gathering. I am playing a 1700s era gourd banjo and Mark is playing a jawbone with a turkey leg! Ugh! Photo by Reggie Barrett.

Whoopin' it up!
Mark and I had quite a time at the Colorado Cowboy Gathering. Photo by Bill Patterson.

Fiddlin' with the Riders.
Riders in the Sky joined my saddle pals and I at Barbedwire Books in Longmont. Photo by Diana Raven.

Marching Through Georgia.
I'm fiddling for our Civil War set at the Arvada Center. Photo by Bill Patterson.

Tuning Up.
Mark and I just horsing around at the Arvada Center. Photo by Bill Patterson.

Mark and me doing Ghost Riders.
Mark and I performing at the 21st Cowboy Poetry Gathering at the Arvada Center in our peacock shirts! Photo by Bill Patterson.

Pass the Jug.
Some buckskinners having too much fun somewhere. I don't remember who took this incriminating photo.

Good times at the Palace.
Mark, Archie West and me at the Palace of the Governors. Photo by John Stauffer.

Rex at Las Cruces.
Rex Fiddlin' at the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum in Las Cruces. Photo by Mark Gardner. Its a dandy!

Rex and Mark at Buffalo Bill Historic Center.
Mark and Rex playing Thorp's music at the Buffalo Bill Historic Center. Photo by an innocent bystander.

Rex and Mark at Fort Union.
Mark and Rex at Fort Union. In color! Photo by Emily Sunblade.

Rex and Mark at Bent's Old Fort.
Mark and Rex at Bent's Old Fort. Photo by Elaine Rideout.

Tom, Don and Rex in Leadville.
Rex, Don and Tom performing with the Alpine Orchestra at the Church of the Annunciation, Leaville. Photo by Mike Pattie.

Rex at Estancia, New Mexico.
Rex at Estancia, New Mexico, where Thorp's book began. Photo by John Stauffer, Jack Thorp's nephew!

Fiddlin' at Fort Larned.
Rex Fiddlin' at Fort Larned. Photo by Mark Gardner.

Mark and Rex at the Mahaffie Stage Stop, Olathe Kansas.
Mark and Rex at the Mahaffie Stage Stop, Olathe, Kansas. Photo by Steve Butler.

Sorcha and Rex in Cheyenne
Sorcha and me at some saloon in Cheyenne.

'Catters in Cheyenne
Us 'Catters at some saloon in Cheyenne.

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